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Crown & Blossom Lane 20MPH Limit

I've created the following petition to the council:

"I call upon West Berkshire Council to impose a 20MPH speed limit on Crown Lane and Blossom Lane in Theale. This is to improve safety for pedestrians and children who are endangered by speeding traffic".

Please add your name here.

Local Plan

West Berkshire Council are reviewing their Local Plan. The Local Plan allocates land for housing and employment (e.g. offices, warehouses, industry, etc.). The new Local Plan will cover the years 2022 to 2037 but will have to be reviewd every 5 years.

The council are proposing to allocate two new sites for housing and one new site for offices in Theale. The two sites proposed for housing are:

The site proposed for new offices is the field next to Junction 12.

Please click here for more information.

The council are also proposing sites for housing elsewhere in the district, including 2,500 homes on this side of Thatcham.

Consultation on this draft of the local plan closed on 5th February 2021. The local plan will be open for consultation again when submitted to the Secretary of State.

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